How Jason's relationships have created the future he always wanted

What are 3 highlights from your career you are most proud of?

I have founded multiple businesses in different industries. Being told I was the 'best leader' they’d ever worked with, by multiple people, from multiple companies. And acting as a good partner at virtually all times.

Why do you believe in the power of connecting and building authentic relationships?

Authentic relationships create intrinsic fulfillment as a human being for me. When anything or everything else seems to go bad, real relationships are the bedrock of sleeping well at night, knowing that I can produce a great future primarily because of these relationships.

What is the single biggest lesson you've gained from practicing the Macklin Method?

That it is ALL an experiment, and practicing in those experiments is almost always fun...if we allow it to be.

Why are you dedicated to leading MM sessions?

It enriches my knowledge of the discourse on connection. It provides a direct path to helping people.

Who was on your unapproachable list, and you now have a connection with?

Ron Macklin — seriously! But I did it and couldn’t be more grateful. Can you share a part of what you stand for today because of Macklin Connection?I will forgive myself.

Jason Tanaka

Chief Operating Officer, University Accounting Service

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