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We are taught that our success is solely dependent on our own efforts. We must compete with others to achieve anything. This might work for some time, but eventually something starts to feel like it's missing.

Do you experience:

  • x Not getting promoted
  • x Being unhappy at work
  • x Daily stress that keeps adding up
  • x Struggling to make new friends
  • x Feeling isolated and alone
  • x Having no idea how to ask for help
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You deserve to live a fulfilling life

It is possible for you to create the life you have always wanted but have no idea how to get. It is never too late to turn things around. You CAN experience meaning and joy in your work, at home, and at school.


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Success Stories

What Ron and his team have created with the Macklin Method is a way for us to communicate more effectively in a manner we couldn't before. The Macklin Method has given us the language and tools to implement trust and accountability all the way through our organization, so that it actually shifts the culture. That’s the key: How do we shift the culture so we can be competitive as the world changes?

I was so amazed with our session leaders who led us through the 17-week course. We thought MacklinConnection would tell us what to do. Instead our session leaders helped us explore being curious. Macklin Method helps us to not be afraid of ourselves and of the emotions we have. We learned to ask more questions, which in turn helped us realize both our shared and individual goals, as well as how to accomplish them.

I've never gone through any workshop, seminar, class, or training that has produced the same kind of internal transformation as MacklinConnection.

The key to a successful life isn’t in what you do on your own

To truly thrive in life you need the support of other people

At MacklinConnection, we know you want meaningful relationships with your friends, family, and coworkers. But first, you need to connect with yourself to understand how to connect with others. The problem is, this is not taught in school and it's not clear where to go for help. Oftentimes, this makes you feel like something is wrong with you.  And you don’t want to end up with surface-level relationships with people you can’t trust, leaving you feeling alone.

We believe that everyone is capable of creating meaningful relationships. This is why Ron Macklin spent over 30 years creating and refining the 7-part Macklin Method.  Based on biology, this method explains why and how humans connect.

In our interactive workshop you can discover how to apply this method to produce dignity, respect, and meaningful relationships with others so you can lead a happy, fulfilling life – at home, at school, and at work.


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