How Eric went from Fortune 50 powerplayer to empowering others

What are 3 highlights from your career you are most proud of?

I started my career as an engineer, shifted to the corporate world and am now a proud business owner. I’ve had what some would call great success — being responsible for a $100 million P&L at a Fortune 50 company and producing the highest Return on Sales in the company in 2013. I’m proud of that. But more than that these successes I’m proud of my work with others — growing and promoting over 30 people to roles of increased responsibility and increased incomes, and to be a source of genuine help to others as they work to fulfill their ambitions.

Why do you believe in the power of connecting and building authentic relationships?

The weakest structure on the planet is a single person trying to fulfill their ambition alone. We cannot survive without help from others and we cannot get good help without first offering great help to our networks. This all starts when we connect with people. Building authentic connections with others in all domains of my life is both required for me to fulfill my business mission and existentially meaningful to me. When I reach the end of my life, I am clear that in addition to taking care of my family, I will measure the value of my life based on the number of people I have helped fulfill their ambitions.

What is the single biggest lesson/insight you've gained from practicing the Macklin Method?

Patience. People (just like horses in the pen that we talk about in the MM) need to run and buck sometimes and any amount of pressing I do will not speed up the process of building a real connection with them.

Why are you dedicated to leading Macklin Method sessions?

Building connections with others is both required and existential for me. Leading MM sessions helps me continue to practice and learn from the infinite interpretations that participants have as they learn the MM for themselves.

Who was on your unapproachable list, and you now have a connection with?

My initial list included multiple people that I did not want to talk to or that I was in “bad moods” about, such as poor performing suppliers and customers who treated my team poorly. My scared (or angry) self, as we call it, was working to help me avoid conversations with these folks and tell myself it was because they had wronged me in some way. This was not powerful. With help from Ron and the rest of the MM Workshop team, I have moved forward and built relationships with three of these folks that have resulted in outcomes that would not have been possible if I had hung on to my past interpretations.

How do you describe what you stand for today as a result of your work with the Macklin Connection?

Here are a few parts of my stand that I’m working on daily. I will be humble. I will be kind. I will forgive. I will look for ways to help others. I will remember to be responsible for the stories that I make up and those that others make up based on what I say. I will produce a family that unconditionally loves (accepts), honors (high esteem) and cherishes (hold concerns as our own) each other as part of producing a powerful source of help for each other for our entire lives. I will act in ways that are consistent with my declarations about what matters to me (dignity) and I will remain open to interpretations from others about where I am failing in this. I will be truthful and complete in my communication .I will care for my mental and physical health in a way that is consistent with reality and that opens possibilities vs closing them.

Eric Stiller

Owner, Clear Blue Services

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