How David shifted his way of thinking to fulfill his career objectives

What are 3 highlights from your career you are most proud of?

I spent 20 years developing highly reliable data centers for clients like Bank of America, Fannie Mae, Dupont Fabros, a well-known International Oil Company and the federal government. I managed the largest and most profitable data center design project in my company’s history. And, I’m proud that three of our data centers were nominated for my company’s Top Data Center Award in 2018. One was named best in class.

Why do you believe in the power of connecting and building authentic relationships?

Without help from others I will not be able to fulfill my career objectives to support my family.

What is the single biggest lesson/insight you've gained from practicing the Macklin Method?

Shifting the way I think. Now, I’m more authentic, engage with others when I’m scared, accept people for who they are (and who they aren’t) and make it easy for others to do the same for me.

Why are you dedicated to leading Macklin Method sessions?

People say, “There is no magic.” But it seems like magic when the algorithm and self-talk are revealed for the first time. I’m eager to help others experience this transformation.

Who was on your unapproachable list, and you now have a connection with?

Ron Macklin. He always seemed to have it all together, which was intimidating.

How do you describe what you stand for today as a result of your work with the Macklin Connection? I will be authentically me. I will accept people for who they are and who are not. I will hold others in high regard and hold their concerns as if they were my own. I will make it easy for others to do these same things for me.

David Sukinik

Vice President of Essential Infrastructure, Digital Realty Trust

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