Clint shares the importance of dignity in relationships

What are three highlights from your career that you are most proud of?

Helping our organization land a contract that had been sought after for 10 years; helping our organization expand our market share through the great recession; becoming vice president of the Arizona Utility Contractors Association.

Why do you believe in the power of connecting and building authentic relationships?

It’s only through our work with others that we can accomplish what we need to in our lives.

What is the single biggest lesson / insight you've gained from practicing the Macklin Method?

The importance of dignity and how it affects others.  Macklin Method has allowed me to change the way I engage with people in my network and to realize that their dignity and who they are as individuals is critical to any plan we have to achieve our goals.

Why are you dedicated to leading Macklin Method sessions?

I have been involved in other continuous learning and I was successful, but I kept experiencing breakdowns with my network.  The Macklin Method has helped me work with and expand my team in the offers that we make and strengthen our network to be much more effective in accomplishing our goals.

Who was on your unapproachable list, and you now have a connection with?

The commissioners of the Corporation Commission of Arizona.  The status that they held and the impact of their decisions in the public utilities industry made them unapproachable.  I came to the realization that they are humans, that they have scared selves and that they have their own concerns that they want to take care of.

Can you share a part of what you stand for today because of Macklin Connection?

An idea, a philosophy or a concept is never greater than a human.  Without people in our network we are nothing.   We all have similar concerns; we are all acting to take care of them and the ability to create dignity for other people is in our power.

Clint Overton

VP of Business Development, VW Connect

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