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What is Company Culture (and Why Does it Matter?)

A positive work culture is something a lot of employees say they want. But what exactly does this mean?

Melissa Nelson

Are you an employer unable to find and retain qualified employees? Does the work environment push people out? Is yelling the norm? Do employees feel safe to express ideas, or is everyone shut down and closed off?

Or maybe you are thinking of starting a business and want to set a stable foundation for your future. You’ve heard about “company culture” but aren’t sure what it actually means or how to establish one that can work for your business.

Regardless of the “why,” cultivating a positive company culture makes for happy employees and successful companies. In today’s marketplace, you can no longer get by with a toxic or harmful work environment. Employees will not stick around.

At MacklinConnection, we are dedicated to changing the way the world does business through building authentic connections. A simple insight drives our profound belief in human connection: No person can survive, or thrive, alone. And this extends to the world of business. As a business owner, your company cannot succeed without others - from employees to customers.

And cultivating a positive company culture creates an atmosphere where these connections and networks can thrive. 

We have helped businesses of all sizes reshape their culture to be supportive of all people involved in the company. This kind of work environment favors open communication and listening over yelling or passive aggressive remarks. It promotes the exchange of ideas where everyone feels encouraged to share and contribute. And, most importantly, it is a place where people actually want to work (and are proud of it!).

Here, we discuss what company culture is and why it matters for your business.  

What is Company Culture?

Company culture (also known as organizational culture, corporate culture, or workplace culture) is the beliefs, values, attitudes and behaviors within a company. These underlying fundamental components create an atmosphere within the company that impacts everything within the organization. This includes day to day activities and interactions with co-workers and clients. Ultimately the company culture sets the trajectory for success or failure of the business as a whole. 

Why Company Culture Matters 

Since the pandemic, businesses have been experiencing more and more difficulties retaining and hiring employees (see this article for more). It is not simply enough to be a non toxic workplace. 

In an employee driven market, it’s imperative companies strive for a healthy and positive workplace if they wish to retain employees and provide for their customers and clients in a way that is lasting and substantial. 

How do you do that? 

Through creating a company culture that supports its employees, understands and meets its employees needs, and provides them with a sense of stability and security while showing them they matter and are valued. 

What is Your Company's Culture Story?

A company's culture can be deliberately cultivated, or it can be the result of the decisions made over time with little to no forethought.

At MacklinConnection we believe each experience is directly related to the stories in our head we tell about ourselves and those around us.

What is the story you wish to tell about your company? And are you ensuring your employees know what this story is?

For MacklinConnection, our story is that when we develop an authentic connection with ourselves and others anything is possible. We believe that when we tell a positive story about ourselves and others we build lasting and meaningful connections that help us thrive personally and professionally.

Conversely, when we hold negative stories about ourselves and others we shield ourselves rather than being open and vulnerable, creating disconnect and disharmony. When we shield ourselves we are protecting the “scared self,” and the scared self prevents us from building connections with others.

You can see values of honesty, transparency and storytelling reflected in our programs and workshops as well as in the day to day operations. This is evidenced in daily work meetings where intention is at the forefront. Each week begins with a team meeting where we take turns creating what we wish ourselves and others to be. This can sound like, “I create myself to be attentive and enthusiastic, I create you all to be receptive and supportive.” Such practices align MacklinConnection team members with the company’s mission and ensure we are all practicing the same values and principals we are teaching. 

What Does a Positive Company Culture Look Like?

A positive company culture does look like:

  • Being clear and open with employees about the company's expectations and values.
  • Encouraging employees to do their best by recognizing and meeting their needs.
  • Offering positive feedback and transparent communication.
  • Having clear expectations of company goals, and support in place to meet these goals. 

A Positive company culture does not look like: 

  • Assuming your employees values and beliefs align with the company’s vision. 
  • Unclear expectations and communication from management.
  • Little or no feedback and support offered from management in meeting company goals.
  • Criticism and Judgment from management and co-workers.

Are You Creating a Positive Company Culture?

If your top talent keeps leaving and you are struggling to hire new employees, you might be overwhelmed. How do you tend to all aspects of your business while figuring out how to fix the bigger problem at hand? 

As a business owner looking to build a solid foundation for your company, paying attention to your company’s culture (or lack of one) will help you create lasting connections to grow and expand your business.

Want to take it a step further? 

At MacklinConnection, we work with you to devise a plan for you and your business. Our Executive Coaches are leaders in their fields who have decades of experience transforming businesses. 

If you are ready to get started transforming your business, schedule a consultation. One of our business coaches will work with you to set up a plan to ensure your business has the tools to thrive. 

And, if you’re not quite ready to take the next step yet, here is an article on more ways to cultivate a positive company culture.