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Retain Employees and Cultivate a Positive Company Culture: 5 Things Millennials Want at Work

Are you struggling to retain employees and find new hires who are qualified for the position? More and more employees are leaving their jobs, changing their work hours and making themselves available for careers that fall outside of the traditional 9-5 work day. 

Melissa Nelson

Millennials do not desire stability and security from a 40-hr work week in the same way those before them did. Millennials value purpose, meaning, freedom and feeling valued. In fact Millennials who believe their work has meaning are three times more likely to stay at a job, and they’re also twice as likely to stay put if they feel that they are being heard. 

Finding and maintaining qualified employees may seem like a daunting task following the COVID-19 pandemic. MacklinConnection promises to assist you in creating a positive company culture to keep your employees satisfied and your business operating to its fullest potential. 

Does Your Business Foster Growth and Provide Opportunities?

Or does it create separation and disconnect?

Since the pandemic, businesses have been experiencing more and more difficulties retaining and hiring employees. This has caused a labor shortage in many industries and has also resulted in companies having to make drastic changes in operating hours or services offered. In some cases, businesses have had to shut down entirely. Employees are not settling for just any work culture these days and Millennials are shaping a new work culture entirely.

With the Great Resignation, it is essential companies pay attention to the work environment and company culture they are cultivating in order to retain and hire staff.  This article highlights 5 things millennials want at work and strategies you can implement to build a positive company culture and ensure your business thrives in a time when many companies are falling short. 

Top 5 Things Millennials (and Gen Y) Expect From Their Employers

Here we examine the top 5 things millennials (and Gen Y) expect from their employers. Compare this list with your company culture to see if it measures up!

1. Meaning 

Is your company providing your employees with a clear sense of meaning in the work they are providing? Communicating to your staff why they are doing the work they are assigned to, how it is important and why it matters, makes a difference. If your company wishes to retain employees it is important to provide them with a sense of purpose in the work they are doing. 

2. Being Heard

Are you taking time to listen to your employees, to make time and space to hear their ideas and offer feedback? Employees want to know that if they desire to contribute, their ideas will be heard and taken seriously. Hearing your employees out with authenticity and integrity will ensure your employees feel heard and recognized. 

Why is this important?

When an employer is open to the ideas of their employees they can face and resolve miscommunications and potential issues head on. The Biggest Problem in the Workplace You Might be Overlooking (and How to Solve it) offers a detailed example of communication mishaps that can take place when we don't take time to clearly communicate. 

3. Authenticity

We all know the feeling of wearing a mask at work to get the job done. At MacklinConnection we call this our SHIELD. Creating a company culture where employees are encouraged to be who they are, regardless of how that looks, creates a deeper degree of vulnerability. This ensures employees are seen for who they are, which encourages them to bring their best selves forward. 

4. Work-life Balance

This was the great shift we saw in 2020, now more than ever work-life balance is necessary for employee retention. A company culture that allows flexibility and an opportunity for employees to engage in activities they find meaningful will prevent burnout and enhance retention as well as employee satisfaction in the workplace. This can look like offering flexible schedules, paid time off, benefits, and remote work opportunities.

5. Being Valued

Employees want to know that they are valued. When you see and know your employees are valuable assets to the company they feel like they matter, and they DO matter. Fair compensation and fairness around profit sharing, benefits and equal treatment shows your workforce that you value them. 

Ensure Your Business Meets Your Employees’ Needs 

When we look at all five components of what millennials want in the workplace we see that they want to be heard and valued, the freedom to be themselves, and the flexibility to accommodate a sustainable work-life balance. But, most importantly, millennials are looking for work with purpose and meaning in a positive company culture. 

At MacklinConnection we believe every company can create a positive company culture that fosters growth and development for the company as a whole. If you are interested in taking the next step towards ensuring your business is equipped to meet your employees needs our programs and workshops are designed for just that! You can also take a look at how The Macklin Method Workshop helps businesses thrive. 

Or, if you are ready to get your business on track with the demands of today’s marketplace, schedule a consultation to learn more about how we can help you.