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How Does The Macklin Method Workshop Help Businesses?

Are your teams at work dysfunctional? The Macklin Method Workshop provides a sustainable solution.

Today’s business environment presents new challenges for leadership. As many companies have started to accept remote work environments, being able to keep everyone engaged and communicating with each other might seem like a never-ending struggle. How do you build support and trust across teams with people who have never met each other in person?

Then, there’s the more routine concerns. Regardless of whether you meet in person at the same office every day or on virtual calls from around the country, you might be experiencing dysfunction within your company that is impacting everything from revenue to customer satisfaction. 

Instead of communicating openly, your teams might withhold information from you or refuse to communicate with each other. Maybe meetings are so tense no one feels comfortable offering ideas. There is a lack of motivation and excitement and an excess of stress and burnout. It feels impossible to retain motivated employees, as the toxic work environment drives all the top performers out. 

What if you could develop teams that not only communicate and produce results that matter, they actually have fun at work?

At MacklinConnection, we know what it’s like to try to lead teams who just can’t seem to work together. In fact, seven times throughout his career Ron Macklin was assigned to lead the worst performing team in the company. Each time, he turned each team into the top performer. His experience creating successful teams is what led him to develop a method that anyone can use to learn how to better connect and communicate with their co-workers.

If you are searching for solutions to get your business back on track, you might have already tried other offers. Maybe you’ve brought in several coaches to help with team building, or maybe you’ve been through multiple leadership seminars. You’ve probably read all the right books and listened to lectures, hoping you’ll find some secret key to turning everything around. Trying something else might seem pointless. We’ve been there, and we understand the frustration of wasting time and money without getting the promised outcome.  

This is why The Macklin Method was designed to be easy to understand and integrate in order to implement sustainable results for your company. We offer a practical solution that anyone at your company can learn from and start applying right away. As you go through the program, you’ll be led by someone who has been where you are now and has had success in turning things around. 

We understand that it feels like there is a lot at stake for you and your business because we’ve been there. But you don’t have to keep trying to figure it out alone. Here, we’ll discuss how The Macklin Method Workshop can help your business and exactly what is the  

How Will The Macklin Method Workshop Help Your Business?

Whether you are managing a small team or leading an entire company, when things don’t feel like they are running smoothly it creates a whole new level of stress at work. We know it’s easy to feel helpless when you’re trying to work with teams that are disengaged or unproductive. Not only have we helped other businesses from the brink of closure to experiencing newfound success, we ourselves have been in leadership roles throughout our careers where we have had to transform teams that couldn’t seem to make it work. 

If you’re worried about losing all of your top performers or that the yelling in meetings will reach a critical mass, it is possible to implement lasting changes that will actually work for your company. We created our workshop around a framework that gets to the root of the problem. Unlike team-building exercises or weekend conferences that might feel good in the moment but aren’t actually a permanent solution, our workshop will shift the whole culture of your workplace.     

We’ve seen companies transition from having daily screaming matches and being unable to retain talent to having productive, engaged meetings with people who enjoy collaborating together (and have fun while doing it!). Here are some of the top ways we help companies and teams through our workshop:

  • Learn to actually communicate and reduce misunderstandings;
  • Build trust even on the most dysfunctional teams;
  • Increase engagement and productivity;
  • Create a company culture of empathy and respect; and  
  • Develop a space where everyone has a voice and feels supported.

Based on how your teams work together now, this may feel like an unachievable dream. But, by applying The Macklin Method in your company, you’ll be able to drastically improve how your teams view each other and work together. When team members begin to be able to relate to each other as people, instead of just interacting through transactional encounters, the foundation is set for a more positive work environment that people actually want to be a part of.  

What is The Macklin Method?

We’ve seen major changes in companies who begin to actively implement The Macklin Method. So just what is it? And who is “Macklin?” 

Ron Macklin realized early in his engineering career that he had a passion for building and leading teams. And he realized that to succeed, he needed to learn how and why people connect and how they create results together. This realization led him on a 30-year journey that culminated in the creation of The Macklin Method.

Based on biology, the 7-part Macklin Method explains why and how humans connect — then shows the steps required to create connections.
The method is an algorithm anyone can use to develop better relationships. If you follow the steps, it will work.

The first part of the method is about the way you exist and move in the world. What do you care about? Do you make choices that reflect what it is you really want? Or are your actions influenced by what you think you’re “supposed” to do? This self-inquiry will help you gain clarity on your purpose and how you want to be perceived.

You might be wondering what getting to know yourself has to do with connecting with others and building effective teams. We believe when you understand yourself – your emotions, your past experiences, and all the stories you create in your head – you can better understand the people you work with. Knowing yourself allows you to better observe others and develop a sense of empathy. This is foundational to establishing a more positive work culture where everyone treats each other with respect.

The next part of The Macklin Method is about noticing. Being able to effectively communicate only works if you first notice the listener is receptive and open about what you have to say. By observing the other person, you can learn when they are ready to be approached. If they are closed off, they won’t be able to actually hear you. Instead, they will be running through their own stories in their head. 

For example, if someone is anxious about an approaching deadline, it’s not a good time for them to be able to really hear your offer - even if you want to help. They won’t be able to fully process what you have to say until they are in a more relaxed state. Once you observe that they are in a receptive state, you can make your offer to help and provide options to them.

The final parts of the method involve giving someone the space to accept your help. Ultimately, it is their choice. You make an offer, but they choose when (or if) they will accept your help. 

To build connections with your co-workers and establish successful teams, you’ll need to repeat the steps of the method whenever you engage with another person. Like any other skill set, The Macklin Method needs practice to begin to make it a natural part of your workplace. The more you work the method throughout your day, the sooner it will start to impact your teams. 

What is The Macklin Method Workshop?

When you have learned the method and put it into practice, you will be able to create collaborative teams that actually enjoy working with each other. In our Macklin Method Workshop, we teach you the algorithm to form connections and give you space to practice and receive feedback. 

In the workshop, you’ll learn how to take your teams from dysfunctional to harmonious by actually trying out the method and experimenting to find what works for you and your company. Throughout the course, you’ll examine interactions in the workplace, then design new ways to approach people and interact on your teams.  

In The Macklin Method Workshop, we don’t tell you what to do. There are no lectures. There is no grading, no failing, no critiques. Instead, you will discover the method through interactive discussions, thought-provoking readings with reflective questions, and practices you can try out in your daily life. 

Telling someone information doesn’t help them actually learn it. This is why our program lets you learn by doing. We are here to create a space for you to make connecting and creating positive encounters with your co-workers a normal part of your work day by giving you the tools and strategies you need to actually put the method into practice (instead of just reading about it). 

The workshop is led by an instructor who is experienced in the method and actively practices it. Your instructor will have been exactly where you are now and will be able to guide you as you make changes at work. You’ll also be learning in a group setting to gain new perspectives and learn from their experiences. After going through the workshop together, you’ll have a whole new network of people who can continue to support you and offer guidance. 

You can also bring your whole team with you and have your own workshop. We have found that teams who go through the workshop together are able to achieve goals in the workplace that actually matter. They finish the workshop able to successfully build mutually-beneficial relationships with others in the company. Our workshop participants consistently report feeling like they can trust and believe in themselves and others, which enhances decision-making and collaboration. They learn how to effectively communicate with others and establish themselves as someone others want to work with.

Even though our workshop won’t solve all the problems at your company, it will give you the tools you need to feel capable to work through whatever challenges you might encounter - without screaming at each other or avoiding the problem altogether. You’ll develop the ability to work through situations as a cohesive team and even have fun while accomplishing goals that matter.

How Does The Macklin Method Workshop Work?

If you want to start making positive changes in your company and improve the work culture, you can take the workshop by yourself or you can have members of your team go through the workshop together. 

The workshop is a virtual, active learning program. Each week you’ll have an interactive video call for 45 minutes with a small group of other participants - or with your team from work. There are also weekly learning modules to give you opportunities to reflect on the method and apply it in your daily life.

Working through the method on live calls with others who are also learning provides opportunities to start developing functional relationships. Each call allows you to build your confidence with the method as you are listened to and supported by your instructor and the workshop participants. You will be given space in a safe environment to figure out how you can better relate to others and establish yourself as someone who can be trusted and respected. 

With a live call, your ability to actively listen will also be improved (which is essential for effectively communicating with others), and you will be given access to multiple perspectives that can better shape your understanding of the method and how to put it into practice. 

We believe this active learning environment is ideal for developing a new skill. Research has shown that interactive learning that takes place through discussions results in a better understanding of the material compared to more passive methods like lectures or assigned readings. Active learning also has been shown to provide increased emotional and social support - which is essential when working with teams. 

Participating on our live calls holds you and your team accountable for actually trying out the method instead of simply receiving information without any practical application. You’ll be able to engage in discussions each week that help you actually process and retain what you’re learning. You will be given real-time feedback and the opportunity to work through challenges with others. Instead of watching someone teach, you’ll have immediate access to an experienced instructor who can answer your questions and offer different perspectives on what comes up for you and your company as you start to go through the method. 

Transform Your Company Culture

Even though your workplace might feel chaotic now, we know it is possible for teams to come together and begin to actually make a difference in the company. We’ve seen businesses with hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt and on the verge of shutting down become profitable, thriving companies due to changes made in the work culture. Our workshop is not another temporary solution that won’t be sustainable in the long run. We make it our goal to address the underlying problem at your company so it becomes a place everyone wants to work at.    

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