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What to Expect in The Macklin Method Workshop

Signing up for a new class can be intimidating if you don't know what to expect. Here we discuss what our Macklin Method Workshop looks like each week, so you can feel more comfortable.

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If you feel stuck in life or are going through some kind of transition, you might feel like you need some support. You could have recently had a new promotion that feels completely overwhelming. Or maybe it’s the fact that you can’t seem to get anywhere in your career that has you looking around for answers.

Maybe you feel like you have no idea how to connect with your colleagues and are struggling to find meaning at work. You feel alone and don’t know where to start to get help.

When you are looking to make a change in your life, it can be scary. We completely understand how you feel. Fear is what makes us human. This is why we created The Macklin Method Workshop. We are here to support you as you experience (and maybe even initiate!) changes in your life.

It is our goal to help you discover where you want to be and how connecting with others can help you get there. Maybe you want to be a better leader for your team. Or maybe you want to be noticed more for your contributions at work. When you start to better understand yourself and others, you’ll be able to start creating the life you want for yourself. 

If you are thinking about signing up for our workshop to support you in this endeavor, it can be intimidating to not know exactly what goes on throughout the course. Here we discuss exactly what each week looks like, so you won’t be going in blind.

What Does the Workshop Look Like Each Week?

When you sign up for the workshop, prior to your start date, you'll be given login information for our course portal, as well as the details for your weekly, virtual group session. In the course portal you'll find reading and questions for each week of the course. You'll also be given a calendar invite to meet with your session leader and the other workshop participants (6-8 people) on a weekly zoom call. The goal of the workshop is for you to be able to implement The Macklin Method in your everyday life and get support from others who are also working with the method.

Here is more of what you can expect every week as you complete the workshop: 

Weekly Reading with Self-reflective Questions 

Each week, you'll have some reading and questions to answer on the course portal. The purpose of this is to get you thinking about what is working for you and what hasn't been so successful. You'll be given the opportunity to start to work through your limiting beliefs and identify the stories in your head. This is meant to help you really start to evaluate who you are and what you stand for. As you continue through the course and learn about The Macklin Method, you'll also start to reflect on how you connect with others. You’ll have the chance to rethink your interactions with others and incorporate new strategies as you work on building connections. 

Group Zoom Call 

You will meet with your workshop group and session leader once a week on a zoom call. During the call, the workshop leader will ask you questions about what you are experiencing with the method. They will also share their own experiences and stories about the method. Additionally, you will get to practice actively listening to the other workshop participants as they discuss what they are discovering. This allows you to have access to multiple perspectives, which helps you actually learn and implement new behaviors. 

Practicing The Macklin Method

As you learn about the method throughout the course, you'll be encouraged to practice it in your daily life. Each week, you'll report back on your experiences in the course portal and on the zoom call. The more you practice, the more you will start to see changes in your life and how you relate to others.

Throughout the course, there will be some weeks when you will be matched with another participant to have a 20 minute call sometime during the week. Think of this as a more focused version of your weekly group call. It will give you the chance to connect with someone one-on-one to share your experiences and troubleshoot together. 

Additionally, some weeks of the workshop give you the chance to have a 20 minute call with another participant to talk about what you’re discovering with the method each week. This is like a more focused version of the group call. It will give you the opportunity to connect with someone one-on-one to share about your experiences and exchange ideas. This is also a great opportunity to work together to troubleshoot and try new strategies.

What are the Benefits? 

In addition to helping you discover how to actually connect with other people, the course is also designed to help you figure out who you are as a person and what you want. Because we are all unique individuals, everyone walks away with different results. However, there are some consistent themes reported by our participants as to how the workshop transformed them.

Some of the benefits participants have experienced include:

  • Being able to approach new people and make connections
  • Having the tools to face and accept rejection
  • Changing interpersonal dynamics with co-workers, family members, and friends
  • Learning how to be an active listener
  • Showing up authentically in all interactions
  • Building teams that actually work together
  • Gaining tools to be a successful leader (that others want to follow!)
  • Creating more trusting relationships at home and at work
  • Using the method to land promotions, new jobs, and earn raises

In The Macklin Method Workshop, we create the space for you to discover who you want to be and what you actually want in life. The more you practice with the method and experiment in your daily life, the quicker you will start to see a difference in yourself and how you experience the world.  

Still Have Questions? 

If you are ready to make a change in your life and are interested in our program, you can schedule a discovery call with us to learn more about the workshop. Or, if you’re ready to work with us, you can sign up for our next workshop here.

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