Each of us rely on creating trust with others to thrive

We believe that your ability to build authentic relationships and powerful collaborations determines the impact you’ll create and the joy you’ll experience at work and at home. Our 7-step Macklin Method was created over 30 years of trial and error and allows participants in our programs to transform the way they approach the world.

Our Purpose? Creating Connections that Matter
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Deepen your relationships and create powerful connections

You’ll learn from the successes and challenges of co-participants from across the country and around the world. As you progress through our programs, you’ll deepen your understanding of how people connect, what you stand for, and how to create authentic, productive relationships and collaborations.

  • Define what you stand for

  • Create powerful support networks

  • Make offers of help when others are truly receptive

  • Listen from another’s perspective

  • Communicate authentically

  • Build teams that collaborate for shared growth

Session Leaders

Ron Macklin

CEO, MacklinConnection

Ron realized early in his engineering career that he had a passion for building and leading teams. And he realized that to succeed, he needed to build a deep network of support. He needed to learn why people connect and how they create results together. This realization led him on a 30-year journey that culminated in the creation of the 7-step Macklin Method and the launch of Macklin Connection. Ron earned a degree in engineering from Kansas State University and quickly grew into leadership positions in his budding career. Ron grew to lead teams that set nine world records and won dozens of customer satisfaction awards. At Siemens, for example, Ron led a support division with 350 employees that worked over 5 million hours without a lost-time injury and was voted “the best place to work in Houston” by the Houston Business Journal. Twice Ron has created a growth culture responsible for increasing profits by $20 million, and has led seven different groups from worst- to best-in-class. Today, Ron is the president of Macklin Connection, overseeing our programs and extending the reach of the organization worldwide. He continues to lead programs and coach teams and individuals. A Wichita, Kansas native, Ron and his wife Koni have three adult children, Garrett, Lorin and Brennan.

Michelle Mosolgo

MacklinConnection Team Member

As an executive with a Fortune 50 company, Michelle learned the value of trust, community, and acceptance of vastly different ways of working and thinking as she worked with people across the globe. She's known for discovering the amazing hidden talents in her team and mentored more than 25 successful business leaders. Throughout her career, she designed and led organizations that effectively worked together to produce world-class outcomes. She is a strong believer in talent management and finding ways to help people build careers they love. During her 30-year career, Michelle held executive level roles in Technology, Human Resources, and Corporate Entrepreneurship and was responsible for budgets over $500M. She also served as CEO of a successful corporate healthcare startup. One of her favorite projects was leading a Digital Innovation Team where she was able to contribute to improving the lives of people in Africa and India.

Matthew Ames

Realtor at Hindsite 20/20

Matthew has held several roles including husband, father, Project Architect, and Realtor. As a Project Architect, he coordinated a team of designers, consultants, and contractors to design and build multi- million-dollar residential and commercial projects across the country. Currently Matthew is a top performing Realtor in the Austin, Texas market helping clients fulfill their dreams to buy, sell, and invest in real estate through authentic, professional, long-term relationships. Matthew has helped investors build portfolios with a market value of over $15 Million and has invested in real estate with his wife and family. Matthew is an avid learner of the Macklin Method and leads The Macklin Method Workshop.

Mark Dillard

The Aletheia Enterprise Design Group

As president of The Aletheia Enterprise Design Group, Mark accelerates business growth, increases profitability, and helps people develop their careers. He transformed two failing construction companies into high profit margin businesses, negotiated the sale of a technology company for 56% higher than the initial valuation, and saved people’s jobs along the way. Throughout his career, Mark has empowered more than 50 people to move into roles of increasing responsibility, earn higher salaries and take care of their families. Mark believes that we as human beings need help from one another to survive, but that this help is not always easy to accept. As a session leader, Mark helps people build authentic relationships faster, with less effort, by tailoring their communication style to the listener. With this approach, the listener sees a genuine offer of help, not a threat. Mark served in the U.S. Navy for six years, and graduated from the University of Phoenix with a business degree with a concentration in marketing. A lifelong learner, Mark continued his professional education through the Aji Network, completing the Business Professionals Course and the Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Accumulation of Power (LEIP) Program.

Lauren LeBlanc

Broker Associate, Compass

As founder and Broker of Ellevé Property Group, Lauren leads a top-performing, self-directed real estate team with Compass in Austin, Texas. Through their innovative, collaborative and straightforward approach, they have helped their clients with over $400 million in home purchases and listings since 2007.

Lani Sohl

Business Development Leader

Lani is a diverse business leader with deep expertise at numerous multi-national companies such as Sprint, Experian and Dun & Bradstreet across various business functions, including Operations, Marketing, and Sales. Additionally, she holds an accounting degree and an active CPA license. For the past 10 years in sales and sales leadership, she has leveraged this diverse client-side experience and passion for people, process and technology to help her clients improve their business results and recurrently over deliver on her revenue commitments. Through her professional work and her daily practice of the Macklin Method, Lani acknowledges the way deep connections empower each of us both in our work and personal lives. She is committed to authentic connections and continuous transformation as a Session Leader for the Beginner and Mastery Series. Lani lives with her son in Houston!

Jon Bachura

Nonprofit Leader & Entrepreneur

Jon is a cultural catalyst who helps mission-driven organizations make a positive impact on society. Over his career, he has coordinated regional and national initiatives that protect victims of abuse, promoted special needs education and created business opportunities for youth entrepreneurs in at-risk communities. Jon believes people do business with people they care about, and by practicing the Macklin Method, he has amplified his success and his ability to cultivate long-lasting relationships rooted in trust and empathy. He brings this passion and expertise to his role as a MM session leader. Jon graduated from Emporia State University and completed the Koch Associate Program for emerging leaders. He lives in Kansas City with his wife and daughter.

John Wise

Partner, Enova

As an executive at Enova, John was promoted to partner for leading the launch of 14 new technologies that increased revenue while decreasing risk. Over the course of his career, he has led initiatives that grew revenue from $21 million to $40 million, increased staff from 90 to 166, and raised profitability by a factor of four. As rewarding as these activities have been, John takes particular pride in mentoring and training of technical professionals who produced exceptional work and grew into new roles as leaders within their respective organizations. John brings his deep expertise as a driven, innovative leader to the The Macklin Method Workshops he leads. His commitment to authentic human connection is refined through daily application of the principles of the Macklin Method. John and his wife Jessica have been married for 10 years and have three sons.

Joanne Rusch

Leader of Leaders, Coach, Strategist - MacklinConnection

Prior to joining MacklinConnection, Joanne worked as an information architect, helping business leaders maximize their investment in technology. An innovative thinker, she pioneered a system in the early 1980s that reduced the number of manually-reviewed healthcare claims from 50% to 5% at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. Through her professional work and her daily practice of the Macklin Method, Joanne has come to believe that humans thrive when they work together. She is committed to authentic connections and continuous transformation as a Session Leader for the Beginner and Mastery Series. Joanne is married with two grown daughters and two young grandsons.

Jason Tanaka

Chief Operating Officer, University Accounting Service

Jason is a senior executive and entrepreneur with more than 20 years of success in the tech software development, banking, mortgage, and student loan industries. He brings deep experience as an innovative leader to start-ups and companies seeking expert assistance with go-to-market, new product launch, organizational restructuring, growth, and efficient use of technology. Over his career, Jason has led innovative teams at lending and tech companies, including H&R Block, Acqura Loan Service, and Vantium Capital. Today, Jason serves as a Chief Technology Officer responsible for all aspects of client software delivery, overall strategy, industry offers, and innovation. Through his professional experience, and daily practice of the Macklin Method, Jason has come to believe that authentic relationships create intrinsic fullment for human beings, and brings this perspective to his role as Session Leader for the Beginner and Mastery Series. He views relationship-building as an experiment that can be both rewarding and fun. Jason holds a BS (Magna Cum Laude), Information Systems Management, with additional coursework in Finance from Salisbury University, Perdue School of Business. In addition, he completed two Business Professionals Courses from The Aji Network in San Francisco: “Distinctions and observations to create valuable business offers”, and LEIP Program (Leadership Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Power. Jason has served on various boards for small-medium sized firms, (National Asset Advisors, TaxScan), and built and led external advisory boards for clients to enable broad input to operations (LenderLive, Chase Bank)

Hugo Hernandez

Chief Executive Officer, NS Technical Equities

Hugo has over 20 years of experience as an IT strategist and delivery leader. He holds great gratitude to have a career where he led in innovation, delivery and operational practices that cared for investments of $100M in technical capabilities to help produce billions in profit within telecommunications. In his current role as CEO of NS Technical Equities, Hugo and his team focus on building and selling platform services in artificial intelligence, machine learning and block chain Ethereum technologies. Hugo received a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science from DePaul University and completed the Business Professional’s course through the Aji Network. As a leader of Macklin Method courses, Hugo is dedicated to helping people learn how to produce peaceful interactions and authentic connections in their professional and personal lives.

Eric Stiller

Owner, Clear Blue Services

Eric has founded, purchased and led multiple companies, and has served in leadership roles at global companies Motorola and General Dynamics. Eric has consistently led teams to breakthrough operational success and companies to sustained growth. His work with a Fortune 50 global company with responsibilities for a $100 million P&L, for example, produced the single highest Return on Sales within the company in 2013. As an entrepreneur, Eric has purchased and transformed companies struggling with operations and profitability, turning one from a $0 backlog to $3.6 million in revenue within a year. He has doubled company financial performance at one company and generated $8 million in profits at another. Despite these extraordinary figures, Eric is most proud of mentoring and promoting members of his various teams and his transition to being a business owner. Eric uses the Macklin Method daily to create authentic connections and empower others to contribute to his success as he contributes to their ability to fulfill their ambitions. Currently, Eric leads the Beginner and Mastery Series. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Pennsylvania State University. His wife of 27 years and Eric are proud parents of two adult children and live in Arizona.

Deb Dendy

Business Coach/Workshop Leader, MacklinConnection

Deb is an innovative engineer with 10 patents and 30 years of business success in the semiconductor industry. As Vice President of Operations at Anokiwave, she and her outstanding network of help have guided the company through six straight years of revenue growth and expanded the team from 3 to 100 incredibly talented employees. Early in her career Deb helped US Monolithics transition into a new product market, which culminated with the profitable sale of the company. She has built her career with a strong network of business relationships throughout the world and uses the Macklin Method daily to strengthen these critical relationships. As a session leader for the Living Your Best Life Series, Deb is eager to help others expand their networks and build authentic relationships at work and home. A mother of three, Deb finds her greatest success is joining up with her 18-year-old son. She currently serves on the board of directors for Tempe Preparatory Academy and enjoys playing tennis in her free time.

David Sukinik

Vice President of Essential Infrastructure, Digital Realty Trust

David is an engineering and facility operations professional who has spent 30 years designing and / or operating highly reliable data centers for clients like Bank of America, Fannie Mae, Dupont Fabros, Digital Realty, a well-known International Oil Company and the federal government. He led the most profitable data center design project in his company’s history and led the operations team whose data center was named best in class in 2018. Through these accomplishments, David learned the importance of engaging authentically with others to achieve shared success. David practices the Macklin Method to forge genuine relationships by accepting and respecting people for who they are and who they are not, as well as, making it easy for people to do the same for him. As a Macklin Method session leader, he is excited to guide others to the “Aha!” moments of discovery that transformed his own life and thinking when he participated in the course. David received a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Temple University, completed the Business Professionals Course and is an active participant in the LEIP Program through The Aji Network. David leads the Beginner and Mastery series.

Clint Overton

VP of Business Development, VW Connect

Clint is Vice President of Business Development at VW Connect. VW is located in Phoenix and Tucson and has obtained 75+% of the market by streamlining the utility installation process for new residential homes. They have plans to expand through the Southwest region. Clint has a passion for energy and all things related. His work allows him to feed that passion and allows he and his wife to take care of their 5 daughters. Practicing the Macklin Method has enabled him to overcome disconnects he had with his team at work and with his family at home and has allowed him to build relationships and partnerships that make things happen. He has changed how he sees the world and those in his network through this discourse.

Cindy Smith

Broker Associate at Hindsite 20/20

Cindy served in the U.S. Army as an intelligence officer and senior logistician for more than twenty years and led teams from 5 to 500 in peacetime and during war. She now has a real estate sales and investment practice in Austin, Texas, where she builds long-term relationships with her clients, and coaches others to design and achieve their ambition in real estate. She married her best friend and fellow Soldier more than 32 years ago. Cindy is committed to continuous learning and leading through The Macklin Method Workshop.

Angie Ewing

Healthcare Client Management, Commerce Bank

Angelia is a forward-thinking leader who helps organizations solve complex problems at the intersection of finance, information technology, and processes. She has an innate ability to see the big picture and chart the best path forward. For example, one organization used Angelia’s input to reduce costs by $500M in a year and another generated $2.3B in cash through the sale of a business unit. In her current role at CommerceHealthcare, Angelia equips medical providers with strategies that improve internal processes, increase patient satisfaction, and optimize working capital. Through her extensive work with executives and financial leaders, Angelia brings deep communication expertise to her role as Session Leader for the Beginner and Mastery Series. Angelia received a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of Missouri-Columbia. She also attended the University of Missouri-Kansas City and completed a master’s degree in accounting information systems and a certificate in healthcare leadership.

Ajayy Pawaar

Product & Functional Program Manager-R&D, CTM

Ajayy is a husband of four years and a Product Development Lead in Research and Development at one of the largest medical technology companies focused on diabetic healthcare. He has been in the medical device industry since 2009 and has held various roles in Product Development from systems, electrical design, to program and functional management, overseeing a budget of up to $11M. He is a beginner in leading the Beginner Series and looks forward to learning with the team and having fun!

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As you take our programs and workshops, we invite you to connect with Ron, your session leaders and your fellow participants. Ask questions. Build your network. Create collaborations. And above all: Have fun doing it.

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