Video: What are the Stories in Your Head?

Ron Macklin on how noticing the stories in your head changes your life

Humans are narrative beings. We don't see the world as it actually is. We see it through the lens of a series of stories looping in our heads. Maybe you constantly feel like everyone is mad at you. Is this actually how things are? Or is this a story that is controlling your perception of events? The more you can notice your own stories, the more you can start to create a life that is more aligned for how you want to live.

At MacklinConnection, we have spent decades helping people discover the stories in their heads and how to create new ones. We understand how frustrating it can be to feel like you are in a loop and you have no idea how to get out.

In this video, Ron Macklin shares about what the stories in your head are and how changing your stories can make an impact on your life.

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