Macklin Connect: Session Leader Eric Stiller

Eric Stiller

March 3, 2018

Macklin Method Session Leader Eric Stiller knows the importance of effective communication and its ability to build meaningful connections.

“Having studied language and biology for many years, I understand deeply how humans live in language and create our worlds together."

Eric Stiller knows the importance of effective communication and its ability to build meaningful connections. He discovered the Macklin Method four years ago when a colleague recommended the workshop to him. After participating, he swiftly stepped into the role of Session Leader

With experience in leadership roles at global companies such as Motorola and General Dynamics, Eric has consistently led teams to breakthrough operational success and companies to sustained growth. He uses the Macklin Method daily to create authentic connections and to empower others to contribute to his success as he contributes to their ability to fulfill their ambitions.

In this interview Eric reflects on the power of a supportive network and the impact the Macklin Method has had on his life.

How did you first hear about MacklinConnection and come to join one of their workshops? 

I first learned of the Macklin Method workshop from a colleague who “tossed me a line” about a new practice she was working with that was helping her build her network. I am always looking for ways to build my network so I was intrigued and signed up for a session. Since my first workshop in 2017, I have participated in over a dozen Macklin Method workshops and have been a leader in the program since the beginning of 2018.  

What has been your favorite aspect of the Macklin Method? What surprised you most about the experience?

Connecting with new people and having a structure to help me notice and deepen connections with people close to me has been my favorite part of the Macklin Method. I recognize that I need help noticing the listening that I produce in others and am continuously working to keep my actions consistent with my stand. I don’t see how this can be done alone. 

Having studied language and biology for many years, I understand deeply how humans live in language and create our worlds together. That said, I am still surprised by what I make up—and what others make up—during conversations. Uncovering and being responsible for the listening I produce in others and checking on the “stuff” I make up based on what others say to me continues to be my favorite and most valuable aspect of the Macklin Method. 

How has your experience with MacklinConnection impacted your professional life? How has it impacted your personal life?

The single biggest impact that the Macklin Method has had on my life is helping me be more patient with the people I work with. People, just like horses in the pen that we talk about in the Macklin Method, need to run and buck sometimes — and any amount of pressing I do will not speed up the process of building a real connection with them. This applies to my personal life as well. I am still working on this both at home and at work, but having Macklin colleagues with me on the journey is providing me with more peace.

What do you enjoy most about being a Macklin Leader?

Leading Macklin Method sessions helps me continue to practice and learn from the various interpretations that participants have as they learn the method and practice for themselves. I always learn more when leading. I also have a ton of fun tossing lines to help others connect the academic learning in the Macklin Method to real pragmatic actions in their businesses and personal lives.

Why is it important for people to know how to authentically connect and communicate with others?

The weakest thing on the planet is a single person trying to fulfill their ambition alone. We cannot survive without help from others and we cannot get good help without first offering great help to our networks. This all starts when we connect with people. Building authentic connections with others in all domains of our lives is required for us to fulfill our business missions and, from my perspective, gives life meaning.  

What else would you like to share about your experience with MacklinConnection? 

To anyone reading this — don’t be afraid of my good friend Ron Macklin. Ron is intense, but very approachable. Anyone reading this should consider Ron a tremendous asset and a great opportunity to build your career and deepen your personal connections. Toss him a line. (Editor’s note: You can reach Ron at

Tell us a little bit about yourself! What’s your favorite hobby?

My favorite hobby is watching college football (Penn State) with my wife — preferably in person. We love college sports and have a connection to Penn State since it’s where we met and built our connection that has led to 29 years of marriage (so far). 

Favorite thing to do in your hometown of Phoenix?

I love to golf with my son and go to Arizona sporting events. When I don’t have tickets, you can find me with my wife and family/friends watching a game at a craft brew pub.

Favorite movie/book/tv show?

Movie:  Caddyshack

Book: The Tree of Knowledge (Until Ron’s book comes out)

TV Show: The Office

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