Everyone is Afraid

In an age where exterior accomplishments and societal validation measure success, one man dares to ask the unspoken question: What if everyone is afraid? Ron discovers the universality of fear and embarks on a journey through his memories, life lessons, and an unexpected encounter with Dr. Jerko. Inspired by the true stories of his challenges and a room full of top executives, this captivating fable unravels the intricate tapestry of fear woven into the fabric of every human soul.

Join Alex, Sheri, Teddy, Bhavani, Desiree, Evi, Peter, and a cast of relatable characters as their narratives intertwine, revealing the stories we keep hidden, the shields we construct, and the truths we often deny. Based on vulnerable conversations and decades of personal experience, this poignant tale is not just about fear but the profound moments of realization, understanding, and connection that come when we confront it.

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