The Macklin Method Workshop for Businesses

Today’s business environment presents new challenges for leadership. With a recession looming, companies are being forced to deal with the fallout of lay offs, while trying to figure out how to remain competitive.

Then, there are the more routine concerns. As many companies have started to accept remote work environments, being able to keep everyone engaged and communicating with each other might seem like a never-ending struggle. How do you build support and trust across teams with people who have never met each other in person? Regardless of whether you meet in person at the same office every day or on virtual calls from around the country, you might be experiencing dysfunction within your company that is impacting everything from revenue to customer satisfaction.

Instead of communicating openly, your teams might withhold information from you or refuse to communicate with each other. Maybe meetings are so tense no one feels comfortable offering ideas. There is a lack of motivation and excitement and an excess of stress and burnout. It feels impossible to retain motivated employees, as the toxic work environment drives all the top performers out. You don't have enough people to keep up with business demands. And the people you do have don't seem like they want to be there anymore.

What if you could develop teams that not only communicate and produce results that matter, they are innovative and create solutions?

At MacklinConnection, we know what it’s like to try to lead teams who just can’t seem to work together. In fact, seven times throughout his career Ron Macklin was assigned to lead the worst performing team in the company. Each time, he turned each team into the top performer. His experience creating successful teams is what led him to develop a method that anyone can use to learn how to better connect and communicate with their co-workers.

If you are searching for solutions to get your business back on track, you might have already tried other offers. Maybe you’ve brought in several coaches to help with team building, or maybe you’ve been through multiple leadership seminars. You’ve probably read all the right books and listened to lectures, hoping you’ll find some secret key to turning everything around. Trying something else might seem pointless. We’ve been there, and we understand the frustration of wasting time and money without getting the promised outcome.  

This is why The Macklin Method was designed to be easy to understand and integrate in order to implement sustainable results for your company. We offer a practical solution that anyone at your company can learn from and start applying right away. As you go through the program, you’ll be led by someone who has been where you are now and has had success in turning things around.

We understand that it feels like there is a lot at stake for you and your business because we’ve been there. But you don’t have to keep trying to figure it out alone.

We can work with you to devise a plan for you and your business to turn things around. Some of our business clients opt to go through one-on-one Executive Coaching while also taking The Macklin Method Workshop. Our Executive Coaches are leaders in their fields who have decades of experience transforming businesses. We also offer The Macklin Method Workshop for businesses where you can have your team go through the program together.

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To get started, schedule a consultation with one of our business coaches who can work with you to determine exactly what your business will need.

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