Welcome and Our Why

Ron Macklin & Michelle Mosolgo

Welcome and Our Why

Episode 1: Welcome and Our Why

Why are Ron and Michelle launching The Story in Your Head Podcast? They share each of their reasons for doing the show.

For Michelle, she really believes in what they’re doing — and the power of inclusion. While everyone contributes differently, it’s always in a powerful way.

For Ron, he thinks back to his college football days and the way his coach made him and his teammates feel. By bringing everyone together and focusing on their individual gifts, each person was able to contribute at their best.

Both Ron and Michelle have taken the lessons learned throughout their early lives into their professional careers.

What is the “5th Industrial Revolution” and why does it matter. They turn their focus toward the “5th Industrial Revolution.” Building on the previous four industrial revolutions, each person who has access to all the information in the world at their fingertips is able to make a difference in ways we’ve never seen before. And they’re able to share their gifts with more people.

With the Fifth Industrial Revolution (5IR), it may be uncomfortable for people to learn to “create their own world,” instead of being told what to do.

How do our experiences shape our stories?

Ron states the importance of realizing that the stories in our heads are just stories we make up. While they’re real to us, they aren’t real in the world. We need to be vulnerable to look at things differently.

Shouldn’t it be simple to create a new story in our head? It feels so difficult. Ron draws the distinction between “simple” and “easy.” Though it isn’t easy, it’s worthwhile.

Join us to hear how understanding the idea of “self talk” has changed relationships and lives for the better.

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Episode Summary

Welcome and Our Why

In this first episode, Ron and Michelle introduce themselves and the show. They share how inclusion creates new ideas and solutions for each of us. How do we make room for inclusion in our personal and professional lives?