Recovering Workaholic with Megan Hunt

Megan Hunt, Ron Macklin & Deb Dendy

Recovering Workaholic with Megan Hunt

Episode 44: Recovering Workaholic with Megan Hunt

Ron begins by asking his new Co-host Deb Dendy to introduce herself followed by their guest Megan Hunt.

  • Deb says she worked in the semiconductor industry for a long time, and started working with Ron about 6 years ago teaching some workshops.
  • She realized she needed to be doing that fulltime, so she joined Ron and his company in February.
  • Ron notes that Michelle is taking a break and doing some traveling.
  • Megan is a graphic designer, creator, and a recovering workaholic.

Deb asks Megan what it looks like to be a recovering workaholic.

  • Megan discusses what being a workaholic looked like, and says that it’s a behavioral pattern that has been present throughout her adult life.
  • She then talks about her past and where her story of only having value as a human if she was providing for others.
  • She also notes that this is the first time in her life that she is only working one job.

Ron notes that she used the word burnout, and asks her to discuss what that looked like for her.

  • Megan describes her work life balance, which led her to hit a point where she didn’t see the point to continue living.
  • She says after telling her employer she needed a week off, she wasn’t able to do anything but lay on the couch.
  • Megan realized she had to change something in order to see a change in her life, otherwise the cycle would continue.

Ron asks Megan how she went about changing the stories in her head.

  • She says that she has started by self-reflection on who she is as a person, what she values, how she works best, etc.
  • Megan notes that she had to relearn and re-establish who she was in both friendships and her relationship with her partner and children.

Deb asks Megan how the story changed in regards to how she takes care of herself.

  • Megan says she was at the very bottom of the totem pole, and realized she needed to reprioritize that list.
  • She describes how she began giving herself permission to enjoy certain things, and doing so for her own enjoyment rather than for others.

Ron notes that step 7 of the Macklin Method Workshop is to allow others to help me, and then asks Megan how she is with accepting help and how she is changing that story.

  • Megan recalls how she used to never ask for help ever.
  • She then discusses how she has started asking others for help in certain situations, how she is setting boundaries and expectations with others, and what she wants out of her relationships.
  • Megan describes what she called an “empty cup” in relation to her energy.

Deb asks how she noticed she was burnt out, and if she can recall any signs.

  • Megan describes signs of being burnt out, in hopes that others will realize the warning signs before they actually experience full burnout themselves.
  • She also describes how to advocate for yourself, to things to look for in a good work environment.

Deb asks how receptive others were of Megan creating and setting boundaries.

  • Megan says that everyone was very receptive of her setting those new boundaries for their relationship, often cheering her on when she would do so.
  • She then dives into her experience of having to rework some of those relationships, as you rediscover yourself and the role you play in others’ lives.

Ron brings up some of Megan’s writing in “prework,” and then asks her to describe her thoughts on ‘balanced life’ and ‘love and connection’.

  • Megan describes how her work is easier, done faster, and higher quality now that she has set the boundaries to ensure she maintains a better work life balance.
  • She continues how she has found new and deeper connections with the people around her thanks to reworking the stories she has for herself and others in her life.

Ron asks Megan if she has any questions for him and Deb, to which she asks if there is a piece of content from Macklin that would be a great resource for someone who is looking to change their life.

  • Deb discusses all of the different content available on their website, including their FAQ page to figure out of the Macklin Method is right for them.
  • Ron tells the concept of ‘what is a scared self,’ and how even understanding that story for yourself can change your life.
  • Megan responds to their thoughts, and gives her perspective on the scared self and how understanding that has changed her perspective and the stories she tells herself.

In order to learn more about Megan you can check out her podcast, or her website.

Join us to hear how understanding the idea of “self-talk” — and what you can do about it — could change your relationships and life for the better.


Episode Summary

Recovering Workaholic with Megan Hunt
In this episode of “The Story in Your Head,” Ron, Deb, and guest Megan Hunt discuss burnout, work life balance, and what it means to be a recovering workaholic. They dive into how changing the stories in Megan’s head has allowed her to drastically change her outlook on life.