Reclaiming Joy and Connection in a High-Performance World

Ron, Deb and Krisstina Wise

Reclaiming Joy and Connection in a High-Performance World

Ep. 64: Reclaiming Joy and Connection in a High-Performance World

In this insightful episode, we had the pleasure of hosting Krisstina Wise, a former 'super performer' who transitioned to becoming a teacher, sharing her wisdom and experiences to help others live a truly good life. Krisstina's remarkable journey of transformation is a testament to the power of introspection, self-love, and the pursuit of authentic living.

Transitioning From Performer to Teacher

Krisstina shares her story of transitioning from a ‘super performer’ to becoming a teacher of personal development. She explains how she felt the pressure to be constantly achieving, revealing how she was driven by external validation. This pursuit led her to a life of commitments and possessions, leaving no room for genuine joy, connection, or even herself.

Her life took a dramatic turn when a serious health crisis forced her to confront her priorities and reevaluate her life. She then found herself confronting all of the stories she was telling herself. Through this experience she discovered the importance of being present in her life and taking time to enjoy the moment. Krisstina shares how she realized she had put her life on hold and finally surrendered to a new way of living.

Creating Space for Joy and Connection

Krisstina sheds light on the societal pressure and impact of our culture's relentless pursuit of 'being more, having more, and doing more.' Krisstina explains how this mindset often leads us to fill our lives with commitments and possessions, leaving little room for genuine presence and joy. 

She says that by filling our lives with these things, it leaves no room to be present in the moment. Moreover, Krisstina discusses the ways in which we distract ourselves — from activities to technology and even substances — preventing us from forming genuine connections with ourselves and others.

Creating a Good Life

Krisstina, through her story, explains how she missed out on so much life and joy in her pursuit of productivity and success. She continues by helping us understand that the cultural narrative she followed was not enough to make her truly happy. After her health crisis and lots of reflection, she realized she was filled with regret and shame. 

She then explains how she faced the feelings she had been avoiding, and could no longer ignore the importance of creating meaningful experiences. She adds that her lifestyle now also includes taking the time to reflect on her life, ensuring that she is following the path that will lead her to true happiness. In order to do this, Krisstina found that she had to separate herself from the cultural narrative, become more aware, and take control of her life in order to live a good life.

One of the most striking revelations from our conversation was the concept of 'essentialism.' Krisstina explains how this philosophy involves questioning whether something is essential in our lives. It asks us to consider whether it brings joy, has practical applicability, or holds a significant story. By viewing life through this lens, we can simplify things and create more space for joy and gratitude.

The Power of Our Story

We explore how to be the authors of our own story, and how to rewrite it for the better. We look at transitioning from an old identity to a new one, and how to let go of old identities and embrace change. We emphasize creating awareness and consciousness, reflecting on our journey, and accepting love and appreciation unconditionally. Taking the time to appreciate the simple moments in life, creating space for ourselves to feel gratitude, and creating a new narrative for our lives can lead to a path of true happiness.

This episode is an invaluable resource for anyone seeking inspiration and guidance on their journey to self-love, growth, and living a truly good life. Krisstina's wisdom and insights provide a roadmap to a more fulfilling and authentic life.

Join us to hear how understanding the idea of “self-talk” — and what you can do about it — could change your relationships and life for the better.

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Episode Summary

Reclaiming Joy and Connection in a High-Performance World

Ron, Deb, and guest Krisstina Wise discuss her journey as she moved from being a ‘super performer’, constantly seeking external validation, through a health crisis that led her to confront her priorities and ultimately surrender her old identity.