Ron Macklin & Michelle Mosolgo


Episode 32: Purpose

Michelle opens the episode asking Ron what the word “purpose” triggers for him.

  • Ron says that for him, it is a very complex word.
  • He continues by saying goes hand in hand with asking yourself, “why am I doing this?”
  • He describes that there are many different things you can have a purpose for, but it also opens up the opportunity to ask which purposes are more important than others.
  • Michelle adds her own impression, asking herself what happens when she doesn’t have a purpose for something.
  • She then gives her take on what the word “purpose” means for her, and relates it back to purpose for playing tennis.

Michelle then questions of herself when she finds she does not have a purpose.

  • She realizes that if she doesn’t have a purpose for something, whether it’s career or otherwise, she finds herself just drifting.
  • Ron continues with this train of thought saying that when he is not crafting or creating his purpose, he is living in someone else’s purpose.
  • He then gives an example of how he applies this in his life when he watches Netflix.

Michelle asks how Ron notices when he’s not living for his own purpose, he is able to realize that he’s living in someone else’s purpose.

  • Ron says that he has been practicing the story of “why am I doing this?”
  • This, he says through relaying personal experiences, helps him realize his purpose in doing something, even if that something is just to relax.
  • He notes that it has not prevented him from living in someone else’s purpose, nor does he want it to, so long as he has his own purpose for living in that other person’s purpose.
  • Michelle asks what caused Ron to develop this practice, to which Ron responds by going through a past experience that led him down this path.

Michelle says what Ron’s story triggered for her is how the “purpose” of parenting shifts over time.

  • She says you start by providing care for them as they grow into their own ability to take care of themselves.
  • After that, Michelle says, your purpose is to help guide them into figuring out what they enjoy and want to do in a career.
  • She then gives an explanation of how this played out between her and her daughter.
  • Ron then thinks through how his purpose as a parent has also shifted through time.
  • He says his first purpose is to make sure his children know that there is someone who believes in them and will always have their back.
  • Ron continues down this line of thinking, expressing how he came to his current purpose.
  • Michelle and Ron continue discussing what each other’s’ thoughts triggered for each of them.

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Episode Summary


In this episode of “The Story in Your Head,” Ron and Michelle discuss what the word “purpose” means for each of them, how they define what their purpose is, and how those purposes can change over time. They also talk about how not living in your own purpose often means you’re living in someone else’s