Insights on Leading in the Corporate World

Ron Macklin and Deb Dendy

Insights on Leading in the Corporate World

Ep. 78 - Leading Leaders: Fundamental Insights on Leading in the Corporate World

In the fast-paced and ever-changing world of leadership, one concept that remains constant is the role of leading leaders. But what does it truly mean to lead leaders? Today Ron and Deb delve into the essence of leading leaders. From caring for others to embracing vulnerability, let's uncover the key takeaways and explore the power of this leadership approach.

Leading Leaders: Unraveling the Meaning

The conversation starts with an exploration of what it means to lead leaders. Ron explains that leading leaders is about identifying individuals who possess the ability to amplify the skills of an entire organization while genuinely caring for others. True leaders are often those who go beyond their comfort zones, driven by a deep-rooted sense of concern for their teams and their well-being. Leading leaders is not an easy task, but it is one that can yield incredible results.

The Reluctant Leader: Caring as the Prerequisite

Ron and Deb discuss the concept of the reluctant leader. Oftentimes, the best leaders are those who never envisioned themselves in leadership positions. However, one common prerequisite among leaders is their care for the people around them. Leaders who genuinely care about their team members, their growth, and their success have the potential to become extraordinary leaders. It is this care that sets them apart and allows them to make a lasting impact.

Leading Oneself: The First Step

Deb highlights the importance of leading oneself before leading others. It starts with caring about one's own future, life, and the people around them. When individuals create a vision for themselves and believe in their ability to achieve it, they pave the way for personal growth and self-leadership. This self-leadership journey ultimately sets the foundation for leading others.

Overcoming Fear and Embracing Vulnerability

Ron emphasizes that being a leader requires vulnerability. It is essential for leaders to acknowledge and share their own mistakes and fears. By demonstrating vulnerability, leaders create a safe space for their team members to do the same. This fosters psychological safety and openness within the team, which leads to enhanced collaboration, innovation, and problem-solving.

Building Psychological Safety and a Corporate Culture of Belief

Deb expands on the significance of building psychological safety within a team. Creating a space where team members can genuinely be themselves, care for one another, and address conflict constructively is crucial. It is through belief in team members at all levels of the organization that leaders can unlock the potential of their teams. Building this type of corporate culture requires sincere gratitude for individual and team accomplishments and valuing the unique contributions each team member brings.

Sharing Stories and Creating a Legacy

Ron emphasizes the power of storytelling in leadership. Leaders play a vital role in sharing the stories of their team members and making their accomplishments known. Sharing these stories not only celebrates individual achievements but also sets the standards and expectations for the organization. It creates a legacy of belief, growth, and innovation that outlasts any individual leader.

Leading leaders is not a simple undertaking, but it is one that can lead to extraordinary results. Ron and Deb highlight the essence of leading leaders, from caring for others and fostering vulnerability to building psychological safety and creating a culture of belief. By embracing these principles, leaders can unlock the potential of their teams, achieve remarkable outcomes, and leave a lasting legacy. May this conversation inspire leaders to lead with empathy, authenticity, and a genuine care for those they have the privilege to lead.

Remember, leading leaders is not just about the end result - it's about the journey, the growth, and the shared success.

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Episode Summary

Insights on Leading in the Corporate World

Ron and Deb deep dive into the topic of 'Leading Leaders', emphasizing the importance of creating a safe space for mistakes, learning, and growth within a team. They highlight the necessity of caring for the team, getting to know each individual personally, and fostering a feeling of connectedness.