How to Accept Apologies with Kimberly Bell

Ron Macklin, Deb Dendy & Kimberly Bell

How to Accept Apologies with Kimberly Bell

Episode 58 How to Accept Apologies with Kimberly Bell

Ron begins by asking guest Kimberly Bell to introduce herself.

  • Kim begins by saying that she is an inspirational speaker, and mother, and lover of nature and life.

Deb notes that Kim had a story that she could see many people might get stuck with, and asks how she was able to get herself unstuck from that story.

  • Kim says that she first had to accept that story, and then describes her childhood and some traumas that happened.
  • She works through a couple of stories that she had, and only later realized that she was able to choose her own stories.
  • She continues explaining how she had to work through that the guilt and shame she was carrying, was not actually hers to hold onto.
  • Kimberly adds that everyone has the ability to fight and choose the life they wish to live, but you have to choose to do so.

Kim then reflects on her first mental health service, and the life changing help that she received.

  • She recalls her therapist telling her, “I’m sorry,” even though it was not their fault.
  • Kim explains how she used this to then choose the stories that she wished to follow in her life.

Ron asks Kim what was going through her head when her therapist apologized to her.

  • Kim says she felt seen, and that others in her life had never previously truly acknowledged what happened to her, but rather swept it under the rug.
  • Ron then explains how he grew up in a space where you apologize when you have done something wrong.
  • He then discusses the space of being able to apologize, even when you have done nothing wrong, and the impact it can have.
  • Kim explains how life changing it can be for people to be able to accept apologies, even if they are not from the person that hurt you.

Deb recalls back to when Kim said she felt seen and heard, and how many may never get that opportunity.

  • Kim thinks back to that event, and how she could tell that she meant it.
  • She then tells a story that haunted her, wanting a relationship with her biological mother, and how it affected her relationship with someone else trying to show her unconditional love.

Ron digs into the ‘unconditional love’ and how for him, giving that love was not a problem, but receiving that love was a struggle.

  • He explains the story in his head as to why he struggled with this, and how he eventually worked his way through it.
  • Kim says it’s a choice to be able to accept that love or not.
  • Deb adds her perspective of choosing to accept the story that you are worthy of that love.
  • Kim says that accepting love started with her choosing the story to love herself and her flaws.

Deb asks Kim to talk about what else she has been doing, such as her book.

  • Kim says that she completed her memoir during COVID, and explains the story behind the title of that book.
  • She then talks about another book she published with 12 other authors.
  • She finishes by talking about her career transition that she recently went through.

Read Kim’s book The Epitome of Kimmy

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Episode Summary

How to Accept Apologies with Kimberly Bell

In this episode of “The Story in Your Head,” Ron, Deb, and guest Kimberly Bell discuss how to accept an apology. They explain how this can help you move past a story that otherwise might be stuck in your head, and the impact this can have on your relationships.