Failing Your Way To Success with Beate Chelette

Ron, Deb & Beate Chelette

Failing Your Way To Success with Beate Chelette

Ep. 61: Failing Your Way To Success with Beate Chelette

Ron begins by asking guest Beate Chelette to introduce herself, and give her why.

  • Beate explains that she helps visionaries, thought leaders, and mission driven people grow their authority and scale their impact.
  • She explains how creating a strategy is often misunderstood, and gives an example to help better visualize what a good strategy actually looks like.
  • She continues by noting that if you look at a strategy as a mechanism of transportation to get to your desired goal, it is much easier to understand what strategy really is.

Deb agrees with Beate’s sentiment on a flexible strategy, but says that a lot of people think of it as fixed. She then ask Beate how she helps people rewrite those stories in their head and adapt to the changes that are needed.

  • Beate jokes that people love change as long as long as it doesn’t require them to change anything.
  • She gives an example of how people want to change their life, but don’t fully comprehend that it is going to take time, money, and effort.
  • She adds that if the reality is that the fear of change has to be smaller than the pain of where people are right now, in order for them to actually change, which often happens when people hit rock bottom.
  • Beate expounds on how she urges her clients to change before hitting that point and how she achieves her own mission by helping them.

Ron contemplates the fear of change, posturing that it’s not only the fear of change but the fear of being wrong, or looking like a failure, also causing people to not change.

  • Beate agrees and adds that she often tells people how she failed her way to success.
  • She extrapolates how ridiculous that thought process is, looking at other scenarios in life that could be considered failures, and explains how and why to reframe these experiences.
  • The group discusses how this mindset is actually ingrained into us by our schooling system, and how many of those ideas are being challenged as more information becomes available.
  • Beate explains a concept from her book Happy Women, Happy World called the super human paradox, where we think we need to be the best of everyone we know.

Ron talks about the hero’s journey, where the hero has to go through their challenges and their fears, which is just a part of being human.

  • Beate adds that if people don’t if you don’t have anything to overcome, if you don’t feel fear, then you don’t need courage.
  • She continues describing how in order to truly relate, you have to have a certain level of expertise of the problem at hand, which can then help you build an authentic connection.

Deb talks about Beate’s book and asks her how did the story change from her to be able to be vulnerable and ask for help from others.

  • Beate tells a story about how she had to change her mindset in order to be able to stop resisting and fighting help when it came, and how she learned to accept it.
  • She describes how life is much easier when you can own who you are, both the good and bad parts, and find others to help you that are good at the things you are bad at.

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Episode Summary

Failing Your Way To Success with Beate Chelette

In this episode of “The Story in Your Head,” Ron, Deb, and guest Beate Chelette discuss how to fail your way to success by utilizing a flexible strategy. They also discuss what causes people to not change, even when they recognize change is necessary for growth.