Exploring What’s Missing with John Wise

Ron Macklin and John Wise

Exploring What’s Missing with John Wise

Ep. 62: Exploring What’s Missing with John Wise

Exploring the Concept of Missing (0:00:00 - 0:10:37)

Ron begins by having John introduce himself, and then asks him about how he holds “missing.” John discusses the concept of 'missing' and how it can be utilized to transform one's mindset. He defines 'missing' as something that is absent or not present. By considering what is missing, we can cultivate curiosity and explore possibilities without making any judgments. This can lead to better outcomes and situations.

John shares an example of a situation where he encountered a co-worker who was acting from a point of view that was completely missing from his story. By asking questions and seeking to understand the co-worker's perspective, John was able to identify what was missing and improve their communication.

This concept of identifying what's missing can be applied in various scenarios, whether it's working with customers, co-workers, or teams. By asking the right questions and being curious about what is missing in their stories, we can gain a better understanding of people and situations and make a difference in our own lives.

The idea of missing is often overlooked as we tend to focus on what is present or included in a situation. However, by considering what is absent or not there, we can open up new possibilities and create opportunities for growth and understanding.

Discovering What's Missing (0:10:37 - 0:22:12)

John shares a story about a customer he visited and how he learned to work with him by understanding his methodology. By asking questions and discovering what was missing in the customer's story, John was able to create a better relationship and improve their working dynamic.

Ron discusses his story of craft technicians working in the Houston area who didn't have a basic understanding of how a business works. By creating a story for them, Ron was able to help them understand the business's finances and the potential consequences of not managing the company properly.

Asking 'what's missing' can be an important way of understanding a situation and fostering curiosity. By seeking to understand the stories and perspectives of others, we can gain valuable insights and improve our own understanding of the world around us.

Gratitude (0:22:12 - End)

John and Ron discuss the importance of cultivating curiosity and exploring the concept of what is missing. They emphasize the value of asking the right questions and seeking to understand the stories of others, whether in personal or professional settings.

John shares his contact information for listeners who may wish to reach out to him. He can be reached at john@macklinconnection.com.

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Episode Summary

Exploring What’s Missing with John Wise

Ron and guest John Wise discuss the power of what’s missing and the importance of discovering what is missing in our own stories and the stories of others. They highlight the importance of unlocking the potential for personal and professional growth by asking the right questions and cultivating curiosity.