Evaluating Your Stress: Five Simple Stress Tests You Can Do at Home with Dr. Mladenoff

Ron and Dr. Mladenoff

Evaluating Your Stress: Five Simple Stress Tests You Can Do at Home with Dr. Mladenoff

Ep. 77 - Evaluating Your Stress: Five Simple Stress Tests You Can Do at Home with Dr. Mladenoff

These past years have taught us to give more priority to our health. As we step into 2024, we seize the opportunity to simplify ways to evaluate health at home with a series of tests suggested by health expert Dr. Mladenhoff.

Chest Expansion Test

The holidays can be stressful; maintaining a healthy breathing rhythm helps us cope. A simple way to test your lung health is through the chest expansion test. You measure the circumference of your chest around the area of the nipples, exhale as far as you can, and see how small the circumference gets. After this, take a deep breath and see how much your rib cage expands. If it doesn't expand at least two inches, it could be an early warning sign for potential health risks.

Balance Test

Physical stability is a vital marker of overall health. Test your balance by standing on one foot with your eyes open for 10 seconds. The longer you are able to hold this position without losing balance, the better. If you do well on one foot, try the other and then challenge yourself by closing your eyes while doing this. If you struggle with maintaining balance, it may be an indication of a brain health issue. 

Tongue Examination

An unusual but effective health evaluation can be done with your tongue! If the tip of your tongue is red, that's a sign that your body is under stress. Don't panic though, as the red tip won't go away immediately even with good health habits. It takes at least 30 days of consistent good internal health to reflect on the tip of your tongue.

Touch Test

Chinese tradition collides with modern medicine in this simple touch test. Find the center of your breastbone or sternum and examine it by rubbing. If it feels tender, it's an indication of stress in your body. This tenderness might be inconsistent, but if it persists, a visit to a doctor for a more detailed checkup might be in order.

Blood Pressure Regularity

Last but not least, blood pressure variability tests the body's response to physical location changes. Start with taking your blood pressure after sitting down for 2 minutes, then while lying down, followed by standing. A healthy fluctuation in your blood pressure across these three positions is an indication of an effective stress system. 

Dr. M's five simple tests give you a preliminary way of evaluating your overall health. If you observe abnormal results consistently across these tests, it might be worthwhile to schedule an appointment with your health care provider. Keep in mind, these tests do not replace professional medical advice, but they provide supportive guidance on understanding your health better.

By being proactive and understanding the signals our body sends us, we can take steps towards healthier years ahead. A happy and healthy 2024 to you all!

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Episode Summary

Evaluating Your Stress: Five Simple Stress Tests You Can Do at Home with Dr. Mladenoff

Ron and guest Dr. Mladenoff provide essential wellness information by detailing five simple health-related tests anyone can do at home. They discuss how these tests can monitor the state of stress and the body's capacity to manage stress.