Changing Your Story with Lindsay Hanson

Guest Lindsay Hanson, Ron, & Michelle

Changing Your Story with Lindsay Hanson

Episode 33: Changing Your Story with Lindsay Hanson

Michelle opens the episode by asking Lindsay what was the most impactful story she had to change for herself.

  • Lindsay relays a few different stories that she changed around starting a business and entrepreneurship.
  • Ron says he followed a similar path to her, but did it at a much later age, and also struggles with those same stories.
  • Lindsay and Ron bond over how the story of “what will my parents think?” has impacted them, even with such a large gap between their ages.
  • Lindsay explains why she thinks the idea of having a 9-5 job might not be the most stable thing in the world.

Michelle relays the stories she knows where people though they were secure in their job, but that ended up not being true. She follows up by asking Lindsay how she was able to take the leap away from that into where she is today.

  • Lindsay says it was still scary, but decided that it was worth trying it out anyways.
  • She explains her reasoning behind the mindset she was in when she made the choice to leave her corporate job and pursue her own path.
  • Ultimately, she says, the fear of potentially regretting not trying was greater than all the other fears of it not working out.
  • Ron says he was driven by the fear of “what if I don’t try?”

Ron asks Lindsay what the first steps someone should take if they are looking to move away from the traditional job/role holding world.

  • Lindsay says it’s important to do something you truly enjoy and are passionate about, and then explains her reasoning behind that.
  • She then details her personal story, also giving some examples of other ways to follow your passions.

Michelle asks when she is working with clients, whether they know what their passion is or if she has to help them find it.

  • Lindsay says that many times she helps them find it by asking a few questions.
  • She also explains what stories and mindsets have to change in order to be successful in this alternate job.

Ron says it’s apparent she has a passion for coaching, and asks her why she is passionate about it.

  • She explains her background of how she fell into a coaching and mentor role, and how it lit her up.
  • Michelle says that she really enjoys coaching as well, and often it’s because she learns a lot while coaching others. 
  • Lindsay adds what she has learned from others while coaching them.

Lindsay asks of Ron and Michelle what the biggest story in their head that they have had to overcome throughout their life or career.

  • Michelle says the story she has been working on and continues to is the story of “I’m not enough,” and then details what her experience has been like working through that.
  • Ron explains his story is, “I’m not smart enough,” and then talks through his own process of working through that.

Lindsay then asks Ron and Michelle how they would define success for themselves.

  • Ron starts by explaining the different levels of success, both for the business and for himself personally.
  • Michelle says she asks everyday if she’s living in a place of peace and joy, and her mindset behind what happens if that’s not the case.

Ron asks Lindsay what’s next for her and her business in three years time.

  • Lindsay says she doesn’t know, and that she doesn’t always plan that far ahead. 
  • She explains why she is focusing on those short term goals.
  • She then details out a couple of short and medium term goals for where she would like to be in the future.
  • Lindsay then lists out a few messages and stories she would tell people that are looking to make a change in their life, or who feel like there is something missing in their life.

Ron asks where people can find out more about Lindsay.

Join us to hear how understanding the idea of “self talk” — and what you can do about it — could change your relationships and life for the better.


Episode Summary

Changing Your Story with Lindsay Hanson

Ron, Michelle, and guest Lindsay Hanson discuss some of the stories in their own heads. They dig into what stories were the hardest to change and which were the most impactful after they were able to change them. They also examine what success looks like for each of them.