Building Authentic Connections with Priscilla Shelp

Priscilla Schelp, Ron Macklin & Michelle Mosolgo

Building Authentic Connections with Priscilla Schelp

Episode 42: Building Authentic Connections with Priscilla Schelp

Ron opens the episode and asks Priscilla to introduce herself.

  • Priscilla proceeds to introduce herself, noting that her main focus right now is on her startup and finishing her PhD.
  • Michelle asks her why she started her company, after which she explains her reasoning behind her startup.
  • Her goal is to help others build authentic connections and broaden their networks by finding new members for private interest groups

Ron asks why she thinks having authentic connections is so important.

  • Priscilla asks in return what does having a non-authentic connection give you, to which Ron gives a response.
  • She continues by giving examples as to why we, as humans, need authentic connection.
  • She notes that it all starts by having an authentic connection with yourself, otherwise you’ll be looking for someone else to fill those gaps.

Michelle asks how she recognizes authentic connections.

  • She says there are two things she looks at – first is whether you are codependent on that person for something, and the second is a gut feeling.
  • Priscilla adds that gut feelings can be wrong, but they will be trained over time.
  • Ron asks how we can help ourselves or others when we did not listen to that gut feeling.
  • She responds by saying the first step is to forgive yourself, recognizing that perfection is impossible, and then to learn from your mistakes.

Michelle follows up by asking for an example of when an authentic connection made a difference for her.

  • Priscilla relays the story about her and her mentor’s relationship over the years.
  • She notes that for authentic connections to exist, you should not be trying to get something from that person.
  • She continues by explaining what to look for over the long term to determine whether the relationship is truly authentic or not.

Ron then asks Priscilla to discuss more about the fear of rejection and how she manages it.

  • She begins by calling attention to fear of rejection is partially a rejection of ourselves.
  • Priscilla then continues by describing how to shift your mentality so you will not be dependent on others’ opinions of yourself.
  • She also notes how this mindset can help when it comes to rejection from other people.
  • Michelle asks how she prevents the stories that others’ might be creating from affecting her.
  • Priscilla gives a number of ways how to ignore those stories, or what other stories you can tell yourself, and other steps we can take to keep those stories from affecting us.
  • Ron describes how he deals with his fears and shaping the stories that he tells himself, and how he creates other people as well.

Priscilla then asks Ron and Michelle what was their journey moving from a big company to starting Macklin Connection.

  • Michelle gives her story of how she moved toward more philanthropic opportunities, and found how she wanted to learn and teach others how to lead with compassion.
  • Ron then relates his story of how the old version of leadership never worked for him and how he always felt it was inauthentic.
  • He continues to detail how developing authentic relationships helps people and teams perform better.

Priscilla finishes by asking what Ron and Michelle are aiming to leave behind.

  • Michelle details how she wants to build something that is going to continue to shift our human nature a long time from now.
  • Ron describes his goals for the very long term and how humanity will have to continue to work together.
  • Priscilla and Ron then discuss how to avoid loneliness through authentic connections with others.

In order to learn more about Priscilla, visit her website:

Join us to hear how understanding the idea of “self-talk” — and what you can do about it — could change your relationships and life for the better.


Episode Summary

Building Authentic Connections with Priscilla Shelp
Guest Priscilla Schelp joins Ron and Michelle to discuss the importance of building authentic connections with others, how to recognize those connections, and how to deal with the fear of rejection.