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What is the Cost of Leadership Training?

Thinking about buying a leadership development course? Here we describe what you give up - and what you gain - with leadership training.

One of the first mental roadblocks you might run into before signing up for a workshop or seminar is likely, “What is this going to cost me?” We are programmed to constantly engage in cost analysis - perhaps to the detriment of realizing the reward available to us by making a commitment. When deciding to invest in yourself, along with calculating the costs, we also challenge you to consider what you might lose by not pursuing leadership training.          

What is cost?

Before fully diving into the cost of leadership training, it’s helpful to understand precisely what cost means. Cost is what you give up. For example, the cost of getting a cup of coffee isn't just the price of the coffee itself. The real cost breakdown includes the time spent driving to and from the coffee shop, the fuel used to travel, and the wear and tear on your car. Looking at the receipt from the coffee shop only shows you a small fraction of the actual cost.  

Likewise, there are the obvious, and maybe not so apparent, costs associated with leadership training.  

What is the financial cost of leadership training?

Our program involves a financial commitment of $625/month for six months. The leadership course is designed so you only pay to get training on how to be the author of your own life. The next level of learning how to lead others is free. We find that once you know how to lead yourself, you’ll want to continue evolving by applying what you’ve learned. 

What is the time commitment for leadership training?

Our leadership training program requires a six-month commitment. The workshop takes four months to complete and is followed by two months of “arena calls.” In an arena call, you connect with others who have gone through training and are now leaders. Once a week,  you’ll come together to openly discuss what’s been working for you and what you are still trying to figure out. 

During the first four months of training, we ask you to set aside 90 minutes a week for reflection and a live zoom call. There’s homework and opportunities to experiment with class concepts in your daily life. You don't learn to play the piano by sitting down and playing for 48 hours straight. You learn by practicing for 30 minutes a day. Eventually, you become a master. We subscribe to the same model. Leadership training won’t take much time away from your life, but you're also going to have to give yourself space to practice what you’re learning.

Breaking out of Your Comfort Zone

Aside from the straightforward costs of signing up for leadership training, there is also the cost of abandoning your comfort zone. In our leadership course, you will not be asked to passively watch a set of prerecorded videos. We find this doesn’t actually wire your brain to learn leadership. Instead, our classes are interactive and invite you to speak up and contribute.  

Throughout leadership training, you will be encouraged to genuinely get to know yourself and experiment with what you’re learning out in the world. This is a messy and sometimes uncomfortable process. But, by the end, you are a more authentic version of yourself with the ability to author the narrative of your life. 

What is the cost of not getting leadership training?

There is an internal feeling interwoven throughout the human experience. You might not feel it all the time, but there’s a strong chance you’ve felt it. The feeling of being lost and seeking external guidance to show you the way is relatable to most of us. Acting on this feeling, we go out into the world on a search to find someone who has all the answers and can direct us on what to do. 

Our culture is built around being told what to do from a young age. From the time we were kids, we lived in a competitive world that pushed us to be the best. The leaders we looked to for most of our lives were not actually leading us. They were just telling us what to do to win - get good grades, get accepted to the top schools, and make the team roster.      

Leadership is not taught to us in our schools. As adults, we are then unprepared to take the reins of our own lives. Instead, we spend much of our time looking outside ourselves for answers. 

By not investing in leadership training, you give up the ability to learn how to create your own life. You continue to seek someone to lead you, ignoring your potential to guide yourself. Without your own sense of direction, you wander throughout life. And, by wandering, you give up the most precious commodity of all - time. When you are unsure of yourself and where you’re heading in life, you waste time. And time is the only thing you can never get back. 

Why invest in leadership training?

Leadership is what everyone is fundamentally looking for. If you could find someone to lead you and ensure your life works out, wouldn’t you? Absolutely. At MacklinConnection, we want to equip you to be that person for yourself. Our leadership training course gives you the tools to confidently look to yourself for direction.

The most important aspect of leadership training is knowing how to lead yourself. By leading yourself, you're now responsible for your own outcomes. Once you’ve gone through leadership training and begin to lead yourself, you are gifted purpose and a sense of wholeness. The need to search for someone else to direct your path dissipates. 

You no longer spend time in the thought loop of “I'm lost, what's missing, what's wrong with me?” You have the direction and understanding to lead yourself and others through any circumstance. And ultimately, this instills within you a sense of peace. 

Peace is not an “absence of,” peace is a way of being. When you are at peace, you can be in the middle of a storm and remain centered. That feeling radiates outward. 

When you develop leadership qualities within yourself, you become magnetic. Others can sense the peace you’ve cultivated. You can then cast your net outward and bring awareness to those who feel lost on how to lead themselves. The more people are keyed into their inner leader, the larger the net becomes until there is a global impact.

Whether you get it from us or you go somewhere else, leadership training is a necessity for navigating life and discovering your authentic self. By committing to fully show up for yourself and realizing you’re enough, you can then go out into the world and make a difference in the lives of others. 

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