The Cost of Improving Workplace Communication

Communication training can enhance your capabilities. Here, we look at the cost of our workplace communication training program.

Considering investing in a professional communication skills training course? Here, we'll break down what you may have to forgo and what you can gain with effective communication training.

The initial mental roadblock you may encounter before enrolling in a course like this could be, "What is this going to cost me?" We are hardwired to constantly weigh costs, sometimes at the detriment of recognizing the potential rewards at hand. When you decide to invest in your professional development, we encourage you to consider not just the explicit costs, but also what you might lose by not pursuing such training.

At MacklinConnection, we have developed a method over the course of 30 years for helping you discover how to effectively communicate. This is crucial in the workplace, whether you are in a leadership role or work with teams. Our communication workshops have helped participants gain promotions, receive raises, and garner recognition at work. But what is the cost of our program?

Understanding Cost

Before examining the cost of effective communication training, it's crucial to understand what 'cost' truly means. Cost is what you give up. For example, the cost of attending a meeting isn't just the duration of the meeting itself. The real cost also includes preparation time, travel, and any potential opportunities you may have missed while being in the meeting. Viewing the meeting invite only shows you a fraction of the actual cost.

Similarly, there are both apparent and maybe not-so-obvious costs associated with communication training.

Financial Cost of Communication Training

Our program involves a financial investment of $3500. This course is designed to empower you to be the narrator of your own professional story. We believe that once you know how to communicate effectively, you'll be able to evolve in your professional life by applying what you've learned.

Time Commitment for Communication Training

Our communication training program is a four month commitment. You are also invited to engage in two months of "practice” to continue your learning after the formal program ends. In these calls, you connect with others who have undergone the same training. 

In the first four months, we ask you to dedicate 90 minutes a week for reflection and a live zoom call. There’s preparation materials and opportunities to apply course concepts in your real-world interactions. 

You don't learn to play the piano by practicing for 48 hours straight. You learn by practicing for 30 minutes a day. We follow the same model. Communication training won’t take much time away from your daily life, but you're also going to have to give yourself space to practice what you’re learning in your everyday interactions.

Other Costs to Consider of Communication Training

Apart from the financial and time costs, there is also the cost of stepping out of your comfort zone. Our course will not have you passively watch prerecorded videos. We believe this kind of experience doesn't effectively rewire your brain to learn communication. Instead, our classes are interactive and encourage you to voice your thoughts and contribute.

Throughout the training, you'll be urged to genuinely understand communication styles and apply your new skills in the real world. This might be a messy and sometimes uncomfortable process. But, by the end, you are a more authentic version of yourself with the ability to effectively navigate your professional interactions. You’ll also discover how others are trying to communicate with you and how to fill in the gaps in communication.

Cost of Not Investing in Communication Training

Not investing in communication training implies missing out on the opportunity to learn how to articulate your thoughts, needs, and ideas effectively. You continue to rely on possibly inefficient communication patterns, ignoring your potential to hone your skills. Without effective communication, you may not fully utilize your potential at your workplace. And, by not realizing your full potential, you may lose out on valuable opportunities for advancement.

Why Invest in Communication Training?

Effective communication is what everyone in a professional setting is fundamentally looking for. Our training equips you with the tools to become a competent communicator, able to confidently navigate professional conversations and meetings.

The most important aspect of communication training is knowing how to articulate your thoughts clearly and confidently. By becoming a more effective communicator, you're now equipped to influence your own professional outcomes. Once you've gone through communication training and begin to express yourself with clarity, you are granted an increased sense of confidence and control over your career trajectory. The need to rely on others to articulate your thoughts or ideas dissipates.

You no longer spend time fretting over miscommunications or misunderstandings. You gain the skills and understanding to convey your thoughts, ideas, and instructions clearly and effectively. And ultimately, this bestows upon you a sense of professional contentment.

Contentment is not merely an "absence of" problems or challenges, it is a state of being. When you are content, you can be in the middle of a challenging situation and remain composed. That feeling resonates outward. And your colleagues will notice this. They might not know exactly what you’re doing, but they’ll be interested in how you are presenting yourself.

When you develop effective communication skills, you become more influential. Others can sense the confidence you've cultivated. You can then extend your influence to those who may be struggling with their communication skills. The more people are attuned to their communication styles, the larger the impact becomes, leading to a more harmonious, engaged, and productive workplace.

Whether you undertake this training with us or elsewhere, effective communication training is a necessity for navigating your professional life and realizing your potential. By committing to fully engage in this training and realizing your potential, you can make a significant difference in your professional life and the lives of your colleagues.

If you're ready to unlock the power of effective communication for your professional life, Schedule A Consultation with us today.